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Remarks ( written on Sep-7-2012):
Yahoo!360 closed down on July 13th 2009.   Good that I had saved all my blogs before its end.   I took time archiving them here at my website.
Before the death of Yahoo!360 I found a new blogging site at Multiply. However, it will be closed down soon too, probably before the start of 2013.   Again, I found myself busily archiving my MTP blogs.... (Sigh....)
2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6
  PHASE 1.   @ Y!!360 in 2006 – Getting to know HTML

My Very First Blogs:
Words of Wisdom (Oct-13-2006)
I am getting better at HTML now!!!!! (Oct-13-2006)
Some thing Spiritual for Monday (Oct-16-2006)
Floods near Bangkok!(Oct-17-2006)
Something Spiritual and Political(Oct-18-2006)
Allow Me to Continue...(Oct-18-2006)
Another Tag (Oct-19-2006)
Blast (Oct-19-2006)     Serbia (Oct-20-2006)
Maps of Wars - A Good Site! (Oct-7-2006)
I Got Tagged! (Oct-6-2006)
Basic HTML (Oct-8-2006)
A little trick with HTML (Oct-9-2006)
God, Einstein, and HTML (Oct-9-2006)
Floods (Oct-10-2006)
Value of A Woman (Oct-11-2006)
To listen to foreign languages (Oct-12-2006)
Loy Kra Thong Festival This Sunday!!!! (Nov-2-2006)
River Cruise (Nov-5-2006)
Loy KraThong Fancy Ships (Nov-6-2006)
Loy KraThong Fancy Ships VDOs (Nov-7-2006)
Ghosts and Infrasound (Nov-13-2006)
Thai Myths (Nov-9-2006)
Life!!! (Oct-22-2006)
Floods still continue! (Oct-26-2006)
Not a Sermon (Oct-28-2006)
Funerals in Thailand (Oct-30-2006)
Festivals that we go CRAZY (Nov-1-2006)
My New Avatar(Dec-13-2006)
Avatar Background (Dec-14-2006)
HTML Fun (Dec-15-2006)
Christmas Countdown (Dec-18-2006)
History of Religion (Dec-20-2006)
Mourning (Dec-22-2006)
Thanks.... (Dec-24-2006)     Farewell (Dec-26-2006)
One More Tag !!!   (Dec-28-2006)
Do you believe that ghosts exist? (Nov-16-2006)
NO MORE GHOSTS!!!! :) (Nov-24-2006)
Introducing Thai King (Dec-1-2006)
Happy BD to the King (Dec-2-2006)
The King (Dec-6-2006)
Friends (Dec-7-2006)
TAGGED !!! (Dec-10-2006)
Something Political (Dec-12-2006)

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  PHASE 2.  Still @ Y!360 in 2007 -- Getting used to HTML

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai First blog of the year (Jan-3-2007)
Fun Blogging (Jan-4-2007)
Trip up North (Dec/29/06 - Jan/1/07)  (Jan-6-2007)   →
See my clocks! (Jan-7-2007)
Time, War, Fun, etc. (Jan-10-2007)
My 360 World Tour (Jan-11-2007)
A Quick Note (Jan-22-2007)
Map (Jan-31-2007)
Women (Feb-1-2007)     Pressure (Feb-2-2007)
Relax!!! (Feb-3-2007)     Candles (Feb-4-2007)
My Six Weird Things (Feb-7-2007)
Fun Blogging (again) (Jan-13-2007)
Hug Certificates (Jan-16-2007)
A Useful Tips (Jan-19-2007)
Bad Roads     China from the Sky  (Jan-20-2007)
Message from a Star (Jan-20-2007)
My Mousepads (Feb-8-2007)
Hell (Feb-13-2007)
A Thought on Chinese New Year's Day (Feb-18)
Thank Heaven I am Safe! (Feb-21-2007)
Yahoo Answers, etc. (Feb-25-2007)
Ancient City Doi Mae Salong in Northern Thailand (Mar-12-2007)

Outings (Mar-17-2007)
-   Siam Ocean World, Erawan Museum, Ancient City,
    Vimanmek Palace, Sukhawadee Mansion
YouTube banned in Thailand! (Apr-5-2007)
Rants (Apr-7-2007)     Censors (Apr-9-2007)
YouTube again (May-4-2007)
Latest News (May-10-2007)
Conclusion (May-11-2007)
Tagged by Jene (Mar-27-2007)
Wire factories, Water Festival, etc. (Mar-30-2007)
Hospitality at a Hospital (Mar-31-2007)
Banner! (Apr-1-2007)
Reading the Books Now (Apr-5-2007)
World Peace (May-31-2007)
Peace and Hope, Where are you? (May-3-2007)
High Alert for Violence (May-29-2007)
Wednesday Night Massacre (May-31-2007)
News about banning (May-31-2007)
Hell Fire Pass (Apr-30-2007)
Thai Language Fun (May-9-2007)
Bizarre View of Thailand (May-27-2007)
Don't Click Here! (Apr-6-2007)
Another Songkran (Apr-24-2007)
A bunch of bad news(Apr-16-2007)
Thoughts on Friday (Apr-20-2007)
More Tragedies in the Deep South (Apr-30-2007)
Global Incident Map (Apr-17-2007)
Freedom (Apr-26-2007)
Tiny Shoes (May-2-2007)
A Poll (May-7-2007)
Unrest News Received (Jun-2-2007)
Violence in the South (Jun-5-2007)
A Prayer with HTML fun(Jun-3-2007)

2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6         Next
  PHASE 3.  Playing with PSP and animations

This is done by ßad ßoy (Jun-13-2007)
PSP (Jun-14-2007)
Animation! :) (Jun-17-2007)
Self Esteem (Jun-18-2007)
PSP Addicted (Continued) (Jun-19-2007)
Animations Done by a Pro (Not Me!) (Jun-20-2007)
An Anouncement. Ahemmm... (Jun-24-2007)
My PSP Explorations (Jun-25-2007)
Waving Hand Animation (Jun-26-2007)
Fun with PSP (Jun-6-2007)
Stll having fun with PSP (Jun--6-2007)
PSP! (Jun--6-2007)
Serious Stuff (Jun--6-2007)
Day Two with PSP (Jun-7-2007)

Remember (Jun-8-2007)
My First Animations (Water) (Jun-12-2007)
07/07/07??? (Jul-7-2007) -- The animation was reposted again on Jan-25-2008 (journal/item/154)
Scroll down a bit on that page to see the comments.
Javascript fun (Jul-9-2007) (Not working now though...)
My Rant in a Glittering Box (LOL!) (Jul-11-2007)
A Question (Jul-13-2007)
Saturday Fun(Jul-14-2007)
Kanda's Kreepy Kartoons (Jun-28-2007)
Animated HOPE (Jun-29-2007)
TAGGED (again) (Jun-30-2007)
Water, water, water.... (Jul-1-2007)
More Water (Jul-3-2007)
Waterrrrrrrrr !!!!!!! (Jul-4-2007)
My Animated Pics (Jul-5-2007)
Apple with Moving Nails (Aug-7-2007)

Victory! (Aug-11-2007)
- Ron successfully helped the Thais in Australia)
Glittering Sunday (Jul-15-2007)
13 / Ghosts (Jul-20-2007)
Another Question (Jul-21-2007)
Angry (Jul-27-2007)   Birds (Jul-29-2007)
Phu Rua, Loei, 2007
First Trip to Loei (Aug 11-14, 2007) (Aug-18-2007)
This and That... - Phu Rua, Buddha Statue, Tak Bai, Wars (Aug-22-2007)
A Q at Y!A (Aug-27-2007)
Puppies Update (Aug-28-2007)
Comment, please. (Aug-29-2007)
Thursday Animation (Aug-30-2007)
Friday Trick :-) (Aug-31-2007)
The Answer (Sep-1-2007)
WHAT IS THIS??????? [Scam] (Aug-20)
PEACE????? (Aug-23-2007)
Yahoo Mess (Aug-24-2007)
Border Collie puppies (Aug-25-2007)
Puppies Update, etc. (Oct-5-2007)
Monday now! (Aug-27-2007)
My nonsense blog (Click on it!) (Sep-4-2007)
This is serious. I have warned you... (Sep-6-2007)
My Friends and My PSP (Sep-9-2007)
For the Dogs (Sep-13-2007)
A Spectacular Rock (Sep-15-2007)
My Birthday! Vegas Girl's pic animated (Sep-16-2007)
Wire Show at Bitec; Geoff's Avatar animated(Sep-20)
My New Animation (Dragonfly) (Sep-22-2007)

2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6         Next
  PHASE 4.  Migrating to MTP, learning CSS

New at MTP (Nov-2007) :
"Viewing History" panel (Nov-3-2007)
Why was my picture at MTP resized? (Nov-9-2007)
Yay! - Animation in my MTP replybox  (Nov-9-2007)
Exploring MTP (Nov-12-2007)
A good tutorial site for CSS (Nov-12-2007)
My "discovery"! - Options at Photobucket (Nov-12)
Another "discovery" - Using HTML at MTP (Nov-15)
Phuket (October 20 - 23, 2007) (Nov-02-2007)

Good-bye, Penny (Oct-30-2007)

Yahoo 360 is not closing (Oct-30-2007)
    (*It closed anyway, on July 13th, 2009)
HELP needed at the DCRSC (Oct-14-2007)
News from Dubai -- Frightening!! (Nov-01-2007)
Reply Box Animation - How I added it. (Nov-16-2007)
A New Bridge across Chao Praya River, etc. (Nov-16)
In Quest of Boxes with Rounded Corners (Nov-19-07)
Angry! (Nov-22-2007)
Reposting the Loy Kratong Animation (Nov-23-2007)
Famine (Nov-24-2007 and June 27-28, 2011)
Jokes or No Jokes? (Nov-28-2007)
Sad (Nov-29-2007)
Phya Naak's Town (Nov-29-2007 and May-18-2010)
Too funny! Bribing old voters with - - - (Nov-30-2007)
Colorful! (Nov-30-2007)
Nureyev, the ballet dancer (Dec-1-2007)
A Question, etc. (Dec-2-2007)

2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6         Next
  PHASE 5.  2008 – Getting better control of the codes

Loei 2008 We are leaving for Loei tomorrow afternoon. (Dec-27-2007)    
My First Blog of the Year (Jan-3-2008)
Loei Revisited:   Part I (Jan-7-2008)   Part II (Jan-9-2008)
"Waan-Deg" or Children's Day – Air Force Base Open House (Jan-14-2008)
Todays News (Jan-15-2008)
My latest animation... "Sad" (Feb-10-2008)
International Day of Zero Tolerance (Feb-11)
Another question (Feb-15-2008)
Two things... (Feb-16)     HOT! (Mar-28-2008)
Remodeling the house (Apr-2)
Songkran (Apr-4-2008)
It's my younger sons 10th BD today. (Apr-10-08)
Helen...(From DCRSC) ( Jan-18-2008)
Torture Jail and CIA in Thailand ( Jan-19-2008)
My Q at Y!A (Hit and Run) (Jan-24-2008)
Immigration: Good or Bad? (Jan-20-2008)
Yahoo and Microsoft (Feb-1-2008)
Miracle and the Glass (Feb-5-2008)
Good or bad??? (Free US Military Aid) (Feb-08-2008)
Mae Hong Son (April 2008) - Posted on April 25 - 30, 2008
Part One - Lengthy Report of Our Visit to the Long Necks and the Big Ears
Part Two - Still in a serious mood...
Part Three - Events, Memories, pics, & videos chronologially arranged
Animation (Buddha) (May-7-2008)
Plato, Schweitzer, Wordsworth (May-9-2008)
Some men are born mediocre ) (May-10-2008)
"Learning to Dance" (Animation) (May-13-2008)
Power of Chinese Moms (May-16-2008)

Rao Rak NaiLuang (="We Love Our King") (May-5-08)
A play with CSS (May-6-2008)

Myanmar and Nargis :(May 2008)
    May-6(1)   May-6(2)
    May-7   May-8
    May-9   May-11
    May-14   May-15
Once upon a time in the land far, far away there was a princess… (May-22-2008)
Pink Millipede (Jun-10-2008)
Virginity(?!) (Jun-11-2008)
Thoughts on Friday the 13th (Jun-13-2008)
Transs' Bathrooms (Jun-18-2008)
EducaSHUN (May-22-2008)   No Glass Ceiling (Jun-2-2008)
Embedding WORD doc / Party time! (Animation) (May-29-08)
Death camps (Jun-5-2008)
Refugees & Asylum Seekers (DCRSC Annual Report)(Jun-6)
Thai-Cambodian Border Dispute:
The Protest (Jun-19-2008)
Bangkok TODAY (Jun-20-2008)
Preah Vihear ("Khao Pra Vihaan") Issue:
  – Current Talk-of-the-Town (Jun-27-2008)
The unnecessary start of a dispute... (Jul-19)
Dispute / History / Monuments (Jul-24-2008)
Zimbabwe (Jul-14-2008)
Some House & Bikes (Jul-23-2008)

Tweaking the codes at MTP: (Jul-Aug 2008)
Pushing Ads Aside (Jul-15-2008)
MTP Facebox Question (Jul-21-2008)
Don't Want Ads? (Jul-28-2008)

Cursor Test / Langkawi (Jul-28-2008)
Page tweaking with CSS Viewer (Jul-30-2008)
Fun with Cursor Code Tweaking (Aug-1-2008)
The Changes That I Made (Aug-3-2008)
Abandoned Veterans (Jul-2-2008)
War cemeteries and memorials (Jul-3-2008)

In Order to Survive (Jul-6-2008)
Why lazy? (Jul-12)

My thoughts when I read Ingersoll's
'Why I Am An Agnostic'

Codes Learned: (July 2008)
Testing... (Scrollbar codes) (Jul-5-2008)
Link Jump, Bizarre, 2%? (Jul-17-2008)

2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6         Next
  PHASE 6.  Started to tweak more websites for myself and others

STATE EMERGENCY (Sep-2-08) (Sep-2-2008)
Website update; Thailand update (Sep-6-2008)
A Notice Board (Sep-14-2008)
Thoughts on My 51st BD (Sep-16-2008)
Hehehe... ("K" for my MTP avatar) (Sep-10-2008)
'Back to the Top' Codes? (Sep-11-2008)
Dirt Roads Rant (Oct-25-2008)
Busy! (Aug-6-2008)
Long time no blog! (Aug-22-2008)
Updates (Aug-27-2008)

Old Travel Blogs and Albums (2001 - ) (Aug-29-2008)
Archiving, Updating... (Sep-2-2008)
A Complete List of My Old Blogs (Sep-20-2008)
My Updates at MTP (Oct - Nov 2008) :
Website Update, Etc. (Oct-4-2008)
A note on Saturday (Oct-11-2008)
A new place to test javascripts (Oct-13-2008)
Festival, Button Codes (Oct-24-2008)
Several Things (Oct-31-2008)
Festival Pics, etc. (Oct-31-2008)
Shared at MTP (Sep - Nov 2008):
Paul Newman died (Sep-27-2008)
What really happened in Xinjiang? (Sep-29-2008)
1. How the stock exchange works!
2. I condemn such doctors!!!
Thomas Jefferson / Cicero / Photofunia (Oct-18)
Canadian horse meat disguised (Nov-1-2008)
From Thailand to Norway (Oct-21-2008)
Goodbye Princess... (Nov-14-2008)
The Loulan Beauty (Nov-19-2008)
Remembering the Massacres (Nov-22)
Whose land? Another start of some war? (Oct-15)
Thai Fire Wall (Oct-29-2008)
A letter from PAD (Panthamit) to the UK Ambassador (Oct-30)
The Insult: I really wonder what he said. (Nov-7-2008)
My Testing Ground… LOL (Dec-19-2008)
Kanda's Testing Ground (Dec-19-2008)
Testing the paper clip icon. (Dec-24-2008)
My Custom CSS (Dec-27-2008)
Antivirus 2009? (Dec-3-2008)
Meeting Tammy and Dave (Dec- 2008) (2 posts)
Will these children be happy? (Dec-13-2008)
My graphics (For DCRSC's 10th anniversary) (Dec-17)

2006: Phase 1    2007: Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4     2008: Phase 5 Phase 6

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