My Father
Family Scholarship

(Part One)

My Father and Family Scholarship: Part One
The Chens
A small part of the "clan" after the annual ancestor worship rituals in the year 2002.
Pic taken in front of the townhall in Feng-Yuan, Taiwan.

scholarship2 This page serves as an explanation for those that cannot read Chinese.   It is not a full translation.

The scholarship that my dad and my oldest cousin set up was named "Chen A-Rui Scholarship" (my translation).  Chen A-Rui was my grandfather.   The scholarship was given to the qualified offsprings during the luncheon right after the annual ancestor worship rituals.
The members elligible to donate to and/or receive this scholarship were ranked in a special way.   Let's see the abbreviations:

P = Parents
M = Man
L = Lady
MW = Wife of the Man
LH = Husband of the Lady
* = Passed away

1M means Grandfather's first child (a son).   To the clan 1M was known as "Uncle No. 1" (大伯).   I have never met him as he had passed away long time ago.   Grandfather had 7 sons and 1 daughter, so there are 1M, 2M, ... to 7M, and 8L.

My dad is the fourth so he is "4M".   For your info, Dad joined a Japanese overseas enterprise after he had finished school.   He left his home for Thailand at the age of 20.   At that time, WWII was still going on.   Thailand had not changed the name from "Siam " to Thailand yet.   For most of the villagers in the farming communities on the island of Taiwan, Siam was an exotic country in the distant tropical south.   More about this in Part Two (link at the bottom).

Back to the abbreviations.  
1M - 1MW = Wife of Uncle No.1's first child, namely, Grandfather's oldest daughter-in-law.   To me, she is "大嫂" ( da-sao, or duah-sou or "Big Sister-in-law"), a very kind-hearted lady who always takes care of the younger ones in the "clan".
2M - 1M - 2L = Grandfather's second child (son)'s oldest son's second child(a daughter).   I hope my explanation in English is not confusing.
3M - 1L = Grandfather 's third son 's oldest child (a daughter).   We younger ones call her "大姐" (da- jie or "Big Sis").   She and her husband have also been so active in contributing to the scholarship fund and in helping others in the clan.
4M - 4L = Grandfather's fourth son's fourth child (a daughter), who happens to be my youngest sister.
8L - 2L - 2M = Grandfather's 8th child (daughter)'s second child (daughter)'s second child (son ).

Members are:
1.   Chen A-Rui's male descendants and their offspring.
2.   Chen A-Rui's daughter, granddaughters, and their children.

Usually a Chinese family would not "bother" daughters that are married to other families.   But in our "clan" the females have been so important so there was the rule to include more generations of the offsprings of Grandfather's female descendants to be elligible for the scholarship.

Currently there probably are more than 200 members.   For decades the more economically fortunate ones among the "elders" of the clan have been contributing to the scholarship fund.   They have thought it the most ideal way to encourage their children and grandchildren to achieve their best.   The awards are given once a year at the luncheon - after the annual ancestor worship rituals - to the qualified members who have outstanding grades, have achieved something remarkable, or have done excellent services to the society.   The scholarship has encouraged the youngsters in the clan to do their best so as to bring HONOR to the family.   Some of my cousins, who had received their PhD degrees from well-known universities abroad, immediately donated the scholarship that they had just received right there at the luncheon in front of everyone.   They said it was their turn to pay back.   What a heart-felt moment!   I heard that the fund was getting bigger and bigger and probably too big to accept anymore donations now.   My grandparents, who were farmers living in traditional dirt houses, who did not have TV or electricity or tap water when they were young, and who had very limited education at school, would have been so proud of their offsprings had they been able to witness all these.

Grandfather   Grandparents

The pictures:
First row from far left : Grandfather in front of the old house in Feng-Yuan, Taiwan;
Grandparents in their house;

Second row :   Father and I in Bangkok;
A picture of Uncle No.3, his oldest son, and Grandfather.

Third row :   Pics of Grandparents with Mom.

Last row:   Grandfather and I when I first visited Taiwan.

Grandfather, Uncle No.3, his oldest son Dad and I
Grandfather and my mom   Grandmother and my mom
Grandfather and I


•     祖父在豐原 南陽街的老家
•     祖父與祖母
•     父親與我在曼谷的家
•     三伯、堂哥、祖父
•     母親去豐原時與祖父母合影
•     我第一次去台灣與祖父合影   →

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