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This is just a test page.   It might take a while to finish loading!

I had to show a freewebs customized logo here otherwise the page will have an artless blue tab at the bottom or top when viewing. Very ugly.

I used this template when I did the website for the PLC (till January 2012).

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My collection of Icons and Symbols (1)

* First posted on Dec 9, 2009.   Last updated in Oct 2012.

witch   devil   angel-devil   vicious   GMail red devil   grin   wink   bat   folding arms shaking head   finger waving no   Watch this!   cool   nerd   maidoo   Animated Skull

rose   lucky leaf   coffee   MTP coffee   cocktail   beer   cake   present   clock   thumbs up   thumbs down   email   MTP camera   MTP music note   GMail music

smile with beating heart   hug   Sshh   rasing eyebrows and yimm   just yimm   big eyes animated   big eyes chuckling   star   lightbulb   MTP star   blush   big eyes look around   biting nails   afraid   green face   seng

Nahhh   Chin scratching, Hmmm...   GMail nuam   pulling hair frustrated Hammering the head   frown   impatient   MTP angry   very angry   cry   sad   GMail sad   Phewww Sengggg   Clown from Yahoo

pink doll   animated smile   angel   MTP smile   GMail yim   GMail Yyim  GMail Happy   GMail Clap   Rolling, Laughing out Loud   Laughing   funny rolling eyes   Bow   OMG   OMG -The Mask   Animated Desktop icon

Animated US Flag Bagua LOLRF   MTP sad   MTP wink   MTP rose   MTP shade   icons used at MTP313   cry   confused   water drop   MTP green arrow pointing to the right

Bye - waving   Have a Nice Day   Graduate  

The above are all image files.   They are pictures.   It takes time for them to show up on the screen.
I have added "title" tags for all of them.   Point to any images in the above to see a small pop-up showing their URL.

♒♒ (♒) ♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒ (♒) ♒♒

In comparison, symbols load faster than pictures.   It is also easy to change their sizes or colors.
Symbols are almost like another "fonts".   Each has an html code.
"♒" is an html code.   So is "◈"   See my collection of symbols below.


Avoid using entities numbers 128 - 159 ("€" ~ "Ÿ") as they are not standardized.
Better use UTF-8 charset for pages that contain symbols.   That is to say, the <head> section must have this:   <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ (&#9672;) ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈

Symbol Tweaking Fun!   We can combine symbols into faces:

  \^_^/   ◠_◠   ◡_◡   ╯﹏╰   ◕‿◕

๑   ⊕∠ ⊕   ⊛¿⊛   ÔÔ

⊘⊘   ⊙⊙   ⊚⊚   ⊛⊛   ⊜⊜   ⊝⊝

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Many thanks to these sites:
Google: "Symbol html"
Yahoo Search: "Symbol html"
And Yahoo Mail, GMail, Multiply.com for their icons.

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 の  の
  : :

grin     Vicious