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My animations:

My first animation ↓

My first animation!

An animated elf -  I animated Misty's avatar.

Happy when the sun shines! So depressed in the rain!

Just an animation that I created! CSS and HTML —
If you click view page source you can see the codes - I think...

I have filled in the blank space with my animations I had created long before I knew what CSS meant.

Warning:   This page will take a very L-O-N-G time to load.

Too many animations!

Usually a good page should not have too many animations,
but this page is meant to be an experiment...

If your internet speed is slow you might feel irritated!   In that case.... I am sorry!

I do not store my pics at MTP.   Not after I had some problem.

And I wonder why the b/g of some animations looked so messy in IE.   ONLY in IE!
IE8 was not any better!   I just downloaded the latest version this morning.

do not click Bugs in the dark, Yikes! Face Animation text




How does this page look on your monitor?   I know it will take a long time to load.   Actually I did not mean to put my animations here but it was too empty...

waving hand Animation of Hell with a Question




hope animated Turn, turn, turn

Turn two ways Kanda's Kreepy Kartoons

Happy weekend! I animated one of Jene's avatars

Color of the Wind -- an inspiration from a painting in Heather's blog


Please be reminded that this is a test page.   Does my three-column layout look good?

Misty's plane animated Ghost in the Thai language and how it is related with the number 13

You really scroll to this line?! Wow!

Icecream pic animated Sad... The one below
will probably
take forever
to download.
Animated nailed apples - I animated this from a picture I saw at Doreen's site.

More, more, more:

We glitter!

We glitter a lot! We glitter a lot.

We glitter too much! We glitter too much.   Hahaha!

blue water   Loy Kratong 2007  

quiet and pale blue water   quiet blue water

vicious smiling icon


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Note:   The page was updated on Feb-15-2011.
All the animations were made long before 2010.

The screenshot of the comments below were copied from my MTP.
(journal/item/300 – dated March 20, 2009)

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