Family Trip
Samui Island
(Apr 10 - 15, 2010)

Part One
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April 10, 2010: From Bangkok to Chumpon

This was a special vacation for us.
My parents were visiting Thailand so we took them along with us on this trip.
We left home in the morning and arrived in Huahin around noon.
The van driver took us to a sea-side restaurant.
After lunch we stopped by Huahin train station and a temple.
It was sunny and very hot!
At Hua hin Station
At a temple with huge statues
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April 11, 2010: From Chumpon to Suratthani

We arrived in Chumpon on the 10th and stayed there overnight.
The next day we left for the port in Suratthani.
It took hours to wait in LONG line for the ferry.
We had lunch before boarding the ferry.
The driver and the van had to board the next ferry and arrived in Samui several hours after us.
View from the ferry was beautiful!
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April 11 - 13, 2010: Ibis Bophut, Samui

We took a taxi from the port to Ibis Bophut Hotel.
My advice:   Never hire a taxi from the port to your hotel!  The fare could be outrageous.
We should have boarded the ferry together with our rented van and its owner!  
Ibis Bophut Hotel looked very nice but....we were surprised to know there were no bellboys in this hotel.
Fortunately this was no big deal for us.
Another advice:   When you book hotels in Samui during long vacation, make sure you book the rooms with the hotels directly and not via agencies in Bangkok!
According to a hotel receptionist, booking from agencies often gave them confusion.
It took her a while to get all the three rooms on the same floor for us.
We had requested two connecting rooms but she said there were no such rooms.
However, we found later that one of our rooms were connected to another room - but it had been occupied.
She could have told us the room had been taken!
Oh well...
(You have to understand why we wanted the three rooms close together: we have children and seniors with us!)
Although there were a few huge mosquitoes lurking around the lobby, our dinner at this hotel's (air-conditioned) restaurant was good.
We also liked the rooms and the views.
At Ibis Bophut
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April 12, 2010: Samui Aquarium and Zoo

We had a very late breakfast at Big C Samui.   It was just another Big C (a superstore) but the boys were more comfortable with the food they were familiar with.
The view from Big C's parking lot was good!   There were mountains, something we do not see in Bangkok.
The air was a lot cleaner, and the sky was so blue!
At Big C Samui
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After breakfast we went exploring the island.
Ken saw the signs "Samui Aquarium and Zoo" and wanted to go there.   We therefore went toward that direction.
On the way we stopped at a viewpoint to take pictures.
At Viewpoint
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The next stop was the well-known Grandparents Rocks.
The way down the rocks was narrow and full of shops.
The coconut drink was good!  Very refreshing.
Ken took a picture of a motorbike with the plate number 666.
The rocks resembled male and female reproductive organs!
Grands Rocks
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We finally arrived at Samui Aquarium and Zoo.   First, we toured the aquarium.
Grands Rocks
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Next, we went to the adjacent zoo.   It was very hot under the sun.
Samui Zoo
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There was a beautiful resort right next to the zoo – without any fences between them!
Ken spotted a huge caterpillar on the ground...
Resort adjacent to Samui Zoo
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We saw two shows.   The first was Sea Lion Show.
The lady who did the talk spoke English with a very strange and unfamiliar accent.
The sea lions were extremely smart!
Sea Lion Show at Samui Zoo
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After the Sea Lion Show there was a break.   We tried some roti.   It was yummy!
Yummy Roti
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Next, we watched Tiger and Bird show.
The men in the tiger cage looked fierce and brave!
The lady at the bird show also spoke funny English.   I wonder who taught English to these girls!
Tiger and Bird Shows
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On the 13th, Ken and his dad went on an adventurous one-day boat tour to Ang Tong islands while Tony, my parents, and I went around the island of Samui and saw the main street full of the people celebrating Songkran with water splashing fun.
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