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On Mother's Day (Aug-12-2009) we stopped by Grandma's before heading for "Primo Posto", an Italian restaurant that looked like an "Italian village" at the foot of Khao Yai. Grandma was OK - as usual.   Thanks to the maids at brother-in-law's, they always take good care of her.   Khao Yai is about 3 hours' drive from Bangkok.   It is always exciting for us to leave the flat central plain around Bangkok to see some mountains.   Primo Posto is 19 kilometers from the main street.   It was almost noon when we arrived.   The sun in the sky was so awesome we had to take pics of it.   It was as if some miracles were about to happen.   The sun aura occupied half the sky above us.

The sun aura

This pic was taken through our car window.
Iphone did a good job here, although the actual colors were not of gray tone.

These were taken from outside the car.
Iphone does not seem to have any automatic UV filter.

Obviously our digital camera worked much better:


Primo Posto - an Italian restaurant at the foot of Khao Yai

We parked the car and walked to the entrance where we were asked to pay an entrance fee of 55 Baht per person.   The coupons could be used to pay for our food and drink.   What a clever way to make all visitors enjoy the (rather expensive) food and drink here besides taking pics.   This way the place won't have to worry about its maintenance expense.

I do not know if the beautiful buildings were of Italian style.   The Italian food they served were a bit oily for me.   But their ice cream was good.

The video:

Khao Yai National Park

We went to Khao Yai national park.   At the entrance I did see the sign in English that said Adult 400 Baht and Child 200 Baht.   But it was Adult 40 Baht and Child 20 Baht in Thai.

Around this area there used to be people selling bananas and cucumbers to tourists to feed the monkeys.   It is forbidden now.

View the above pic in larger size.

Outside the Visitor Center.

In the building of the Visitor Center.


We went to Haew Suwat, a well-known waterfall. It appeared in the movie "The Beach".

In the afternoon when it was a little cooler we saw monkeys and some deer on the road.

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