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(Most are in Chronological order.)
Loei Dec-28-2008 - Jan-1-2009
Various things from Kanda   (Jan-6-2009)
Happy New Year 2009!   (Jan-6-2009)

Our 3rd Trip to Loei (Dec-28-2008 – Jan-1-2009) :
    Part One
    Part Two  
    Part Three

The Rohingya (Jan-19-2009)
More about Rohingya Migrants (Jan-27-2009)

Tweaking <div> codes, etc. :
FREEZING – overlapped boxes (Jan-13-2009)
How I wish... – popping up of multiple boxes (Jan-22)
Line height CSS – for superscripts (Jan-27-2009)

Flat Standley in Thailand! Flat Stanley (Jan-29-2009)

Injustice (Jan-30-2009)
DCRSCs February Newsletter, etc. (Feb-2-2009)
I have a question.... ( Feb-5-2009 )
To make Calibri as beautiful as it should be... (Feb-6-2009)
Testing Menu Bar (My design) (Feb-9-2009)
Yay! - Passing W3C validation for HTML (Feb-12-2009)
More Yay! - Passing W3C validation for CSS (Feb-12-2009)
Still Yay-ing! - Webpage HTML validated (Feb-24-2009)
March Newsletter (Posted on March-3-2009)
Tony at his Graduation Ceremony, Feb-13-2009 Tony's Graduation pics and videos (On Feb-13-2009)

Crimes of Innocence (March-7-2009)
My Space at MySpace   (March-10-2009)
Invitation - DCRSC's Coffee Morning (March-11-2009)
What Google Ads? / Hanging in Iran (March-12-2009 )

Screenshot of Kanda's three-column webpage a{em:zeroro&;}   ( A m-o-r-o-n   ) (March-14-2009)
Kanda's Test of a 3-column Web Page   (March-20-2009)
Grrrrr....""""embed"""" is not approved by W3C !   (March-25)
Got it!   (March-26-2009)
Objects and Widgets   (March-26-2009)

Death in Our Front Yard
Death in our Front Yard   (Mar-29-2009)
Now you see, now you don't   (Apr-4-2009)
Bangkok April 15 2009
I am hoping for a Happy New Year ...   (Apr-10-2009)
EMERGENCY STATE!   (Apr-11-2009)

Bangkok After the Reds Had Left  (Apr-15-2009)  →
UPDATE (Apr-18-2009)

Dream State? Conspiracy theory? (Apr-20-2009)
Joint Session (Apr-23-2009)

Goodies: Texter for Windows (May-22)
Made with Notepad ( June-6-2009)
HTML Validation? (Jun-9-2009)
HTML5 ? ( Jun-26-2009)
Busy ..... (Apr-24-2009)
Already May! (May-2-2009 )
A quiz! (May-4-2009)
WORLD PEACE - DCRSC Annual Review (June-14)
Happy and Sad (Jul-9-2009)
Wikiversity (Jul-12-2009)
Solar eclipse (Jul-22-2009)
Hunch (Jul-31-2009)
Your email program? - My first poll at Multiply! (Jun-28)
My Second Poll - Testing Google Docs Beta (Jun-30)
Kanda's Survey (Jun-30-3-2009)
Search engine question (Jul-5-2009)
Followed by our PM at Twitter Ken's Bloody Stories Uncensored   (Jul-18-2009)
Ken's Quick Animation: Boiling Water;  (Jul-27)

Learning, learning...(Javascript)   (Jul-15-2009)
My First C++ (Hehehe...!)   (Jul-23-2009)

Followed by our Prime Minister (!)  (Jul-27-2009) →

Chinese Article: MJ and his music

Micahel Jackson's Music :
(The article was in Chinese, with my words in English.)
Part One (Aug-3-2009)     Part Two (Aug-4-2009)
Grandpa Aug-12-2009: Mother's Day
Outing: Primo Posto and Khao Yai   (Aug-15-2009)

A test - 試中文 (Aug-11-2009)
My Chinese page, 只有中文 !   (Aug-20-2009)
Chinese Test : 玲玲的中文網頁 - 首頁  (Aug-20-2009)

Father and the Family Scholarship (陳阿瑞獎助學基金會)
Part One   (Aug-21-2009)     Part Two   (Aug-26-2009)

The Huang Family
Mom's Ancestors and the Family History Book

The Timeline in the Family History Book (黃端本堂家譜)
      Part One   (Sep-5-2009)
      Part Two   (Sep-11-2009)
      Part Three   (Sep-18-2009)

Sep-16-2009 — My 52nd Birthday! (Sep-16-2009)
Serious Stuff:
Humanity - True story of a paper plane contest champion, 'Mong', a "stateless" (?) Myanmar boy (Sep-21-2009)
Refugees (Sep-27-2009)
History! (Iggy's) (Oct-19-2009)
Play Russian Roulette with iPhone (Aug-28-2009)
How good are you? Start the game! (Sep-25-2009)
HUGE! (Oct-9-2009)
Amazing Final Exam Project (Oct-12-2009)
Touch (Oct-12-2009)
Ad block? (Sep-18-2009)
Google Wave? Google Docs? (Nov-11)
Nuisance! (Nov-19-2009)
Medical Dictionary (LOL) (Nov-22-2009)
Torture, Violence, Remembrance, Deaths....
Fwd: Day defining Torture (Sep-20-2009)
In a Guinea Seized by Violence... (Oct-6-2009)
Fwd: Remembrance Day Article (Nov-15-2009)
Did they have to die? (Dec-8-2009)
Dress Codes:
Is this a real ID? (Sep-28-2009)
West Aceh (Indonesia) vs. Walmart (Oct-29)
The Speeches at the UN (Sep-24-2009)
Can you help DCRSC? (Sep-9-2009)
October... - Moon Festival, etc.(Oct-3)
Flooding season again! (Oct-6-2009)
Updates (Sep - Oct 2009):
Planning ahead: Wire Show in October   (Sep-19)
WIRE & CABLE TRADE FAIR (Oct 13-15, 2009)
An early greeting... (Dec-11-2009)

Recent History: 4 Years Ago...
    (Posted on Dec-20-2009,
    about a trip at the end of the year 2005)
Updates (Nov - Dec 2009):
Loy Kratong - Water Lantern Festival (Nov-2009)
New Pages (Dec-3-2009)
Phatipat's Learning Club (PLC)
A Laryngectomee's "Bulletins" (Dec-8-2009)

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