Testing HTML5

สวัสดีค่ะ / 您好 / ようこそ / Hello!

Article Box

This site is for me to learn and test HTML5.
I admit that I do not know much about HTML5 yet.
What I understand so far is I can use these HTML5 tags as div:

and a few more.

The newer HTML5 is supposed to be superior to HTML4.01.
What I put here is step-by-step of my own understanding of its features.
If you are a code-maniac, you can see from the rows of codes below how the wonder works.

I will write more later – hopefully!

Another Article Box: The CSS and HTML

I could have used the textarea tags for the codes below.   But I chose to display them as a screenshot.


In Internet Explorer, the logo of the web host appears at bottom left while in other browsers it appears at bottom right.
This is yet to be tweaked....

Also, the "title" attributes, which function as tooltips on PC, do not work in mobile. Nor do the CSS hover tags.

I wonder if these will change in the future!

REMARKS (added on September 6, 2012):
        Click to see the validation page at W3C.
        Frankly, at this point I still hesitate to use HTML5!