Haunted... NOT!

This was originally posted at my MTP on December 6, 2011. (journal/item/482)

Haunted phone We have two landlines. One is connected to a fax machine and ADSL router and the other is connected to a telephone.

This morning at 9 a.m. our landline phone rang and when I picked it up all I heard was music.

I listened and waited for more than a few seconds before I hung it up.

A second later I picked it up again and guess what?! The same music was still on!

Puzzled, I hung it up again.  I counted one to three and picked up the phone.


I unplugged the landline for another few seconds.   I then plugged it back.

I picked up the receiver.....   The music was still playing!

I tried dialling.   It did not work!!!

The music was still on....!

I unplugged the line once again.

Good that it was just music!

If it had been some human voice then I could have had a heart attack or something!

This is crazy.

Someone trying to hijack my phone line (again)?!

Such thing happened before although in a different form. (I have blogged about it.)

I decided to use my mobile to call the phone company.
It took me more than 10 minutes before I could speak to a human operator.

I told her what happened. She put me to another operator. I had to re-tell my story.

She asked me a few questions, and said they would try to find out what was wrong and would call me back within 24 hours.

At noon, a repairman called before he came to my house and checked the phone and the line. After that he said it was OK. Of course it was OK! The music already stopped during the time when I tried to call the phone company!

Even the repairman did not understand why such thing happened.

He told me there was some road digging or something that broke some cable(s) last week and many phones did not work. No wonder my phones did not work last week. The repair had been done before the weekend.

Anyway,... I hope there is no "surprise" when I see my next phone bill.


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