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"BANGKOK ON FIRE!" was first posted to my MTP (journal/item/396) on May 18, 2010.
It turned out to be a very long page with lots of comments and news links.

To be honest, our time during those weeks and days was .... terrible.

I regenerated the post here to remember.
We should never ever allow such horrible thing to happen again!

RIP to those that lost their lives during the chaos.
And our deepest condolences to their families....

To this day, the impact and aftermath of the incident is still strongly felt throughout Thailand.

These days, things that had been hurriedly swept, brushed, and kept under the thick and dirty huge carpet for many decades are gradually revealing.

Many people in this country – me included – believe that we have a lot to improve on our laws and human rights.
Many also believe that we CAN do it, and that our future generations deserve something much better.

August 29, 2012

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Bangkok On Fire

We are safe so far....
EDIT: I have added links in the comment boxes below.
Will keep adding.


Agreed, Eamon.
But I do not think they will do anything to schools. This is different from our deep south.

One good summary of what happened yesterday before the curfew.


**** REMARKS added on August 29, 2011
The link above does not work anymore. To read the article click this below.

Thai Prime Minister survives but may never recover - by Richard Lloyd, May 20, 2010.

I will collect more links here.


It sure went out of hand.......I see they found nine bodies after the protesters have gone. That will be hard to determine who did what.


News is all over the world...

Daily Mail...
MailOnline: Thai protest leaders surrender after deadly army assault on Bangkok camp... but violence rages on (May 20, 2010)

Aljazeera: Thai government extends curfew( 21 May 2010)
From Al Jazeera:

Yahoo news here in Australia:


**** REMARKS added on August 29, 2011
The link to Yahoo news in the above does not work.
Reuters: Armored vehicle, May 19, 2010 To read it and to read other related articles please click any below.

AFP: Thai army denies temple killings (May 20, 2010)"

The Globe and Mail: In a Bangkok Buddhist temple, the groans of the wounded shot seeking sanctuary (Mark Mackinnon, May 19, 2010)
AFP: At the temple

The Nation: Six bodies retrieved from 'safe zone' (May 20, 2010)


Thank you Ural! It is "interesting" also to read the comments under the news articles.

World condemns Bangkok violence
The Sydney Morning Herald: World condemns Bangkok violence (May 20, 2010)

How did it start?


From BBC:
Bangkok unrest as it happened: 19 May, 2010 BBC: Bangkok Unrest (May 19, 2010)


Crackdown "The crackdown should silence the large number of government supporters who were urging a harder line, and the rioting that followed may extinguish some of the widespread sympathy for the protesters' cause.

But that same violence also showed a serious intelligence lapse by the military, and the failure to secure areas of the capital raised doubt over how any unrest in the protesters' heartland of the north and northeast can be stilled. "

by Jocelyn Gecker, The Associated Press, Bangkok May 20, 2010.



**** REMARKS added on August 29, 2011
The link to Yahoo news in the above does not work anymore. To read the article click any of these below.



Reuters - Uneasy Peace in Thailand **** REMARKS added on August 29, 2011
The link above does not work anymore.
To read the article click below.

Uneasy peace in Thailand, uncertainties lie ahead
By Jason Szep and Ambika Ahuja
May 20, 2010


Thanks Mo!

"We can immediately fix the roads but we do not know how long it will take to fix the wounded hearts and minds of the people," -- Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand



Just watched the news on TV.
The authority found evidence of trained armed people with well-prepared weapons among the demonstrators.

This would mean the poor at the rallies were used.
How sad to be in the middle of power struggling that may not help them (us) in the long run.

Ah sighhhhh...........

How true is this.....?

No matter what, our govt should take BETTER care of the majority in this country, which are (*edit*) MOSTLY poor and disadvantaged. I believe our PM wants to do so. I hope he is empowered.

Sorry for the rant. What a morning....


This is a letter from Zeze to CNN.


Dear Sirs/Madams,

Recently, CNN Thailand Correspondents Dan Rivers and Sarah Snider have made me seriously reconsider your agency as a source for reliable and accurate unbiased news. As of this writing, over thousands of CNN's viewers have already begun to question the accuracy and dependability of its reporting as regards events in Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, etc., in addition to Bangkok.

As a first-rate global news agency, CNN has an inherent professional duty to deliver all sides of the truth to the global public who have faithfully and sincerely placed their trust and reliance in you. Your news network, by its longtime transnational presence and extensive reach, has been put in a position of trust and care; CNN's journalists, reporters, and researchers have a collective responsibility to follow the journalist's code and ethics to deliver and present facts from all facets of the story, not merely one-sided, shallow and sensational half-truths. The magnitude of harm or potential extent of damage that erroneous and fallacious news reporting can cause to (and exacerbate), not only a country's internal state of affairs, economic well-being, and general international perception, but also the real lives and livelihood of the innocent and voiceless people of that nation, is enormous. CNN should not negligently discard its duty of care to the international populace by reporting single-sided or unverified facts and distorted truths drawn from superficial research, or display/distribute biased images which capture only one side of the actual event.

Mr. Rivers and Ms. Snider have NOT done their best under these life-threatening circumstances because many other foreign correspondents have done better. All of Mr. Rivers and Ms. Sniders' quotes and statements seem to have been solely taken from the anti-government protest leaders or their followers/sympathizers. Yet, all details about the government's position have come from secondary resources. No direct interviews with government officials have been shown; no interviews or witness statements from ordinary Bangkok residents or civilians unaffiliated with the protesters, particularly those who have been harassed by or suffered at the hands of the protesters, have been circulated.

Why the discrepancy in source of information? Why the failure to report all of the government's previous numerous attempts to negotiate or invitations for protesters to go home? Why no broadcasts shown of the myriad ways the red protesters have terrorized and harmed innocent civilians by burning their shops, enclosing burning tyres around apartment buildings, shooting glass marbles at civilians from high altitudes, attacking civilians in their cars, and worst of all, obstructing paramedics and ambulances carrying civilians injured by M79 grenade blasts during the Silom incident of April 24, 2010, thereby resulting in the sole civilian casualty? The entire timeline of events that have forced the government to take this difficult stance has been hugely and callously ignored in deference to the red 'underdogs'.

Mr. Rivers and Ms. Snider's choice of sensational vocabulary and terminology in every newscast or news report, and choice of images to broadcast, has resulted in law-abiding soldiers and the heavily-pressured Thai government being painted in a negative, harsh, and oppressive light, whereas the genuinely violent and law-breaking arm of the anti-government protesters - who are directly responsible for overt acts of aggression not only against armed soldiers but also against helpless, unarmed civilians and law-abiding apolitical residents of this once blooming metropolis (and whose actions under American law would by now be classified as terrorist activities) – are portrayed as righteous freedom fighters deserving of worldwide sympathy and support. This has mislead the various international Human Rights watchdogs to believe the Thai government are sending trigger-happy soldiers out to ruthlessly murder unarmed civilians without just cause.

As a current resident of "war zone" Bangkok who has experienced the effect of the Red protests first hand and is living in a state of constant terror and anxiety as to whether her family, friends, and home would get bombed or attacked by the hardcore anti-government vigilantes/paramilitary forces - I appeal to CNN's professional integrity to critically investigate and scrutinize the misinformed news reporting of your above-named correspondents. If they are incapable of obtaining genuine, authentic facts from any other source except the Red Protest leaders and red-sympathizing Thai translators or acquaintances, or from fellow non-Thai-speaking journalists who are similarly ignorant of Thai language, culture, history, and society, then perhaps CNN should consider reassigning field correspondents to Thailand.

I implore and urge you to please take serious action to correct or reverse the grave injustice that has been done to the Thai nation, her government, and the majority of law-abiding Thai citizens and expatriate residents by having endorsed and widely circulated poorly researched and misrepresented news coverage of the current ongoing political unrest and escalating violence in Thailand.

Copies of this open letter have also been distributed to other local as well as international news media and social networks for public information. Please feel free to contact me further should you require any additional concrete and reputable evidence in substantiation and corroboration of my complaints and claims stated hereinabove.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Napas Na Pombejra, B.A., LL.B. (Lond.)
Bangkok, Thailand
May 17, 2010


Enclosed herewith for your attention and information some examples of other quality international news bulletins by respectable foreign journalists so you may assess at your leisure the sub-par quality and misleading nature of Mr. Rivers and Ms. Sniders' journalism:

1. New York Times:
2. Fox News/Associated Press:
3. Global Post:
4. NHK:
5. Al Jazeera:
6. Deutsche Welle (English media in Germany):,,5575254,00.html
7. Local English daily newspaper's chronology of events on Day 3 of "War in Bangkok":

Youtube Videos, images, articles showing what CNN has failed to circulate:


End of copy-paste.


Finance Minister Korn said: "Thailand is committed to making our democracy work. We believe that building on giving equal rights to all our citizens is essential to sustainable economic development in the long term."

The lesson from the political turmoil, he said, "might be that open, competitive, and relatively equal access to resources and opportunities is more important than the strict Western model of democracy."

-AFP 2010-05-21


The Independent: Eyewitness Under fire in Thailand
Eyewitness: Under fire in Thailand

Andrew Buncombe reports from the streets of Bangkok which have become a lethal battle zone

By Andrew Buncombe in Bangkok
Thursday, 20 May 2010

A man who had been shot in the thigh and I were taken out in the final two ambulances. That man's name was Narongsak Singmae, he was 49 and from the north-east of the country. As he lay waiting to be taken away to hospital, he said: "I cannot believe they are shooting in a temple."


Who did this?!?!?!?!?!


Twitter's mixed role in Thailand's conflict:

Twitter's role in Bangkok conflict unprecedented
by Mark Mackinnon, Bangkok
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Last updated on Friday, May. 21, 2010 09:42PM EDT

Well said!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Misty. We are fine.
It is a shame!


Eerie quiet remains The Nation: Eerie quiet remains (May 23, 2010)
Published on May 23, 2010

The Failure of Thailand's Democracy
Published: May 25, 2010
With most countries in Thailand's vicinity -- including China, Myanmar and Vietnam -- following one-party, authoritarian alternatives, the democratic way of doing things is looking feeble and unstable in Asia.


Will our govt condemn this article?