Learning, learning... (Javascript)

July 15, 2011 (journal/item/325)

Kanda's Memos: Javascript - What I have learned (1)

This is just the first "chapter".


If you click the box above, you will have to go through FIVE annoying pop-ups before you can see my memo.     vicious face

But please don't worry: there is NO security threatening issue. I do not collect data from you. I do not spread virus, either!


Besides javascripts, I have started to "play" with C++, too.   C++ is more complicated than javascript as it had been completely unknown to me -- until yesterday.

The C++ tutorials for beginner all said we needed to have a "compiler".
I had no idea what it was nor did my PC have one.   ( Never heard of it! )

I ended up downloading one of the recommended compilers, "CodeBlocks"
( http://www.codeblocks.org/home ). It was free!   An open source.   How nice!

One principle of my online learning is getting the learning materials and tools for free.   After all, it is something I do in my FREE time.   My learning process has always been fun, thanks to my friends and the experts who have been sharing what they know with the rest of the world

For C++, so far I could only come up with a small black DOS screen that says "Hello World!"

(Not bad for Day One, don't you think? star icon )

No idea what I will be able to do if I understand more of it...   Even my son (a computer major!) could not give me an easily understandable explanation / prediction of how powerful C++ could be.


Isn't internet wonderful?   It really keeps you young!   cool   thumbs up

OK, back to the real world after post.   Have tons of things I must do.... clock icon

Will visit your sites a few hours from now - if not tomorrow.
Thanks for reading to this line.   You are so patient!   smile


Remarks added on August 29, 2011:   Links in Mo's comment that still work:

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My First C++ (Hehehe...!)

July 23, 2009 (journal/item/328)

While going through various beginner's javascripts I thought I should get familiarized with the "root" of all these gibberish jargonish "Greek" first so that I could stop feeling being more or less intimidated whenever I wanted to proceed to the new tutorials.   I never wanted to feel that these codes or scripts were undecipherable.

After all, they were written not by the aliens, but by humans.
But wait...
What if I were wrong?!

Tony, my 19-year-old son, had recommended C++ but he did not say much beyond that.   Luckily, it was not necessary!   Upon googling, Yahoo searching, and Binging (LOL), I found tons of articles and tutorials on C++.   Although at the beginning almost all the tutorials looked overwhelming, starting with the fact that I had to have a "compiler". ( What is that???? )   Fortunately there was one good and FREE compiler called "Code::Blocks".   And thanks to these 2 - 3 years of intensive "exposure" to HTML and CSS, it did not take me long to get used to beginner's C++.

I managed to understand the language little by little.   A few days later I came up with something below, which was a combination and adaptation of various online C++ tutorials.

At first I had intended to make a personal tool for a quick reference to HTML codes.   But upon tweaking, I found by adding a few more lines it could turn into such a silly ( and irritating ) "game", LOL!

C++ screenshot

The output on the DOS screen:
Do scroll down and have a look at a few different results.

Case One:
(Result of C++)  Case 1 Screenshot
Case Two:
(Result of C++)  Case 2 Screenshot
Case Three:
(Result of C++)  Case 3 Screenshot


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