Now you see, now you don't

This was originally posted at my MTP on April 4, 2009. (journal/item/304)

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Now you see, now you don't...

1. The Home/Blog/Photos, etc., on top of my page.
If you put your cursor in that row the little icon will change and "jump" to the other end of the row.

2. Upon hover my headshot in the site title box will change to my picture.

3. A new long and narrow box below the ( somewhat intrusive )Google Ads.
If you put your cursor in that new box it will disappear.

4. Another new box below the footer.
It will disappear, too,  if you place your cursor in that area.

My new boxes are "shy", LOL!

5. Ads will hide when we use Adblock in Firefox (how convenient!).  But I do not know whether the similar FREE add-on exists in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Flock, Safari, and Opera. 
Well, I am not going to worry about it as long as the ads are not something rated or vulgar or from some virus-infected malicious money-sucking websites.

EDIT:    OK.. I have made the pic on top right change when cursor is there. Hope it works on every browser.

Noon, Bangkok Time