'Tookkae', The Noisy Lizard

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In 2009 I wrote about tookkae, "Death in Our Front Yard".   That tookkae died, but obviously there have been more than one tookkae somewhere nearby all these years - although the only one I saw was that dead one.

In 2013 we hear "grrrrr~~~ tookkae, tookkae, tookkae... took...kae... " EVERY NIGHT! The noise is always so near, and very loud - as if it is from some corner in our small backyard, but we have never seen any.

The frame below was a screenshot of an email I wrote to my family on March 13, 2013.


Note: The house on Rachawongse Road was where we stayed when we were little children. It was in Chinatown.

March 16 (Sat), 2013

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