Our First Visit to Naan
in Northern Thailand
(Dec 29, 2012 - Jan 1, 2013)

Day Three (cont.)

Mon. Dec 31, 2012 (B.E. 2555)   – Continued from THIS PART

Nan National Museum and Wat Phumin mentioned in the previous part were at the corners of Khuang Mueang Intersection. There were other important landmarks around this major intersection:

Khuang Mueang Intersection

Wat Phra That Chang Kham (วัดพระธาตุช้างค้ำวรวิหาร), or simply, Wat Chang Kham (pics below ) was across Nan National Museum. Chang means elephants and kham means support. This temple had elephants supporting its golden stupa. 6 elephants on each sides. Bottom-left pic below shows these elephants:

Wat Phra That Chang Kham
(Original photos by Sompote)

Wat Chang Kham was first build in B.E. 1949, or A.D. 1406 in the time of the Naan Ruler "Phya Phoo Keng(พญาภูเข่ง)". That was more than 500 years ago!
(จังหวัดน่าน/วัดพระธาตุช้างค้ำวรวิหาร - www.nan.go.th/...&Itemid=27)

Wat Phra That Chang Kham
Left: Buddha statue at Wat Chang Kham (Original photos by Sompote)

Next, we headed for Nan River, which was less than 1 km away:

Left:Museum; Others:Tony and Ken by Nan River
Tony and Ken by Nan River

Then we were at Wat Sri Pan Ton (วัดศรีพันต้น), which bodacious golden glitters had captured our attention ever since we arrived in town:

Wat Sri Pan Ton
Wat Sri Pan Ton

The Buddha Statue and etc:
Wat Sri Pan Ton
Wat Sri Pan Ton

Even closer looks:
Closer looks, Wat Sri Pan Ton

There was a boat warehouse with colorful boats:
Boat Warehouse, Wat Sri Pan Ton
(Original photos by Sompote)

Below is to illustrate how close these places were. The yellow pins in the map from left: Wat Sri Pan Ton (which was this golden temple with colorful boats), Kuang Mueang Intersection (where Nan National Museum, Wat Phumin, Tourist Info Center, and Wat Chang Kham were located), and Nan River.


Most Buddhist temples in Thailand are colorful and rich in details. However, Wat Sri Pan Ton, though flamboyant, was somehow different. It reminded me of the snow-white Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai:

Two "mono-color" Buddhist wats in two different places and times: Left: Wat Sri Pan Ton, Naan. Right: Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai
Left : Wat Sri Pan Ton, Naan (Dec 2012)
Right : Wat Rong Khun, Chiang Rai (Jan 2007)
(Original photos by Sompote)

I should add pics of the all-green "City of Oz", the  yellow  sea of people in Bangkok, the blue protesters somewhere in the eastern province(s), and the Red's large-scale gatherings in various places in Thailand. Together, they will make an awesome collection of "Multi-colored Monochrome Displays"!

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